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So regarding my speedometer issue, it was the needle, which had melted, I suppose. I tried to gently bend it back away from the face of the dial but it poofed into cloud of plastic dust.

So while I know recalibrating a speedo is madness, I fashioned a new needle out of a business card, some thread and some elmer's glue, attaching it to what remained of the original's hub. I then drove past the nearest police radar speed sign thingie a few dozen times, pulling the needle off and setting it back into place according to how fast it said I was going (it's allegedly a few MPH slow, but this is OK) until it was consistent. Most of my driving is in traffic anyway, so it's not THAT big a deal.

Regardless, anyone know A) where I can just get a new needle short of raiding the pick-n-pull yard (not many around due to zoning regs) and B) if I should just say screw it an replace the dash cluster.
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