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05SpecVicious said:
I went to another dealership and test drove the Se-r again after I've driven in the tiburon Gt, Mazada3, the GTI was a little out of my range($20K). I love the feel off the line, they weren't lying about the torque, descent suspension & handling. I almost went with the Se-r model. I can only assume that the Spec V will be better in all of these areas, and It has a "6 speed".

When I was talking with the salesman he said that I could only get ABS if I got the sunroof,and Radio package, or maybe it was just one or the other. I couldn't just get ABS without an accessorie. I thought that was a little messed up.

I will have me a 05' Spec V in the beginning of May:)

Also I saw a turbo kit on for 02-up Spec V's . They rate it a 225- 265 whp at various psi levels. Does this sound right,and the price is like 5,000 check it out let me know what you think.
The Spec V is a superior car to all those listed. The PTI (Power Tech Imports) kit is the only kit I would trust other than a kit that the guys who mod my car could make. The PTI kit makes in the ballpark of 270 WHP. Superchargers are in development from multiple companies but are unlikely to come into production. It has been tried before and never suceeded. 200+ WHP N/A Specs do exist. There are all motor Specs that can keep with Evo 8s. They are rare, have more than traditional bolt ons and require a lot of custom work. Some people also choose to run nitrous oxide, up to a 75 shot is safe.

The Spec V and SE-R both have the QR25DE and dyno at about 140-155 WHP depending on the trim and the engine itself (the QRs vary slightly in power believe it or not). Obviously the manual dynos higher. The Spec has bigger wheels (17x7) with Z rated tyres (better grip and a bit more rough of a ride), a 6 speed, a different suspension, 10 extra horsepower (not WHP), a different interior, and a sticker. The sunroof will add weight to your car and hurt structural rigidy. The system is not all that impressive, but not bad for a sub 20 grand car. I have always hated ABS; getting it is your call tho. What the dealer said was correct, you have to buy one to get another. The Brembo brake kit is nice, but for a grand you can go a lot nicer in aftermarket. Side airbags make your insurance go down.
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