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i follow the its gonna go or blow method of breakin. I used to build race engines for a living and after the initial start up we would take it out and run the piss out of the engine and not once did they ever let go. it doesnt matter if you floor the car or now since its drive-by-wire (no throttle cable) and as far as the engine developing problems later on thats what the extended warranty is for. and just to let you know i have never blown an engine, or caused one ANY oil burning problems. my last vehicle was a 1990 chevy p/u (work truck) i put a whipple super charger on it when it had 75 miles on it. drove it like i stole it evryday. 427,000 miles later i sold it to a friend. he just got done rebuilding the engine and he noted that there was almost no wear on the bearings (all of them) and the rings and cylenders were still in great shape. he started thinking it was a waste to tear it down till he decided to make it a REALLY fun engine. synthetic oil :D so as long as you take care of it it will take care of you.

now it is possible that someone might get an engine thats not as tight, or well built. but with regular service a good engine will last damn near forever.
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