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:mad: i got a 2002 spec v i put a cone filter on it about three months after i got it. then the car took a crap i took it back to the dealer and they reset the ecu. so i get the car back and i install an injen cold air intake and a custom mandrel bent 2 & 1/2 in stainless steel exuast ( no cat,mini muffler) from the exaust manafold back. i drive the car around fealing a huge difference in performance ilove it and i cant wait to get a jwt ecu, headers , and cams. i leave work one day and as soon as i pull away my car dies. so i think to my self must be the ecu? i reset it and it still wont start. after puting all the stock crap back on i get it towed to the dealer . a week later i kick it back up and they tell me that they replaced the mass air flow meter and the INJECTORS????? what the fuc injectors? what next is going to go next the ecu? Please someone tell me if the car is a lemon or has anyone had similar problems. i love my car but if something else goes bad i think i will reconsider owning a sentra.

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I have had no problems with my SpecV right now i got a Hotshot CAI and Header and the car runs great. So, i dont no what to tell you. All i now is that i love this car. Hope you figure out your problems.

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