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EDIT...AHHHHH, how did i get into this other one, sorry folks. Moderator, pls delete this one. Thanks

I have been shopping around for a bit and have delightfully discovered the sentra se-r's. I have quite a few questions as im goin to be very much into modding the car and REALLY dont want to be spending the extra cash on the spec-v if im going to be replacing the spec-v parts with others. I have test driven the base se-r as the dealerships around here are totally sold outa the spec-v's.

How much power is the se-r's 5speed drivetrain rated for? In comparison, how much power is the 6speed drivetrain rated for?

Do the clutches have different specs? (also, is the spec-v's clutch cable or hydraulic)

What are highway cruising RPMs on the trannys and at what speeds?

What EXACTLY is producing the 10 extra ponies in the spec-v engine?

Would a drop spindle fit properly with the LSD in place?

(a bit off topic but...) What guage wiring is going to the rockford fosgate sub?

Thanks folks, would really appreciate your info!!:)
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