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Unfortunately, I think there blown!

I suspect the spider mesh has removed it self from the basket. This allows the voice coil free play. So when heavy bass hits the coil starts to misalign and hit the cylinder walls. This would defiantly cause a major popping effect.

Fortunately the problem is an easy fix.

First diagnose the problem.
You’ll need to remove the speakers and check under the basket frame. Gently reach in between the basket and press the woofer cone forward, to simulate a long base stroke.
Notice if the spider, the springy thing that controls how far the woofer can stroke, is starting to detach from the basket. If so than that’s your problem.

How to fix it!
Easy, just get some real good super glue or epoxy glue and reattach the spider to the basket. Be as professional as possible when aligning the spider and you’ll be fine.

Hope this helps. :)

Good luck!

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