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funkpacket said:
I was planning on buying some wires from knuknonceptz or sounddomain till i ran across this site. seemed like they had sick prices on 12 gauge speaker wire, but the site looked low rent as hell. Anybody order from them before?
wiring is important but it doesn't matter where you buy your wiring from.
knukonceptz make decent rca cables but i wouldn't buy one of their wiring kits. your best bet is to go to a local audio shop and purchase the wiring from them. they stock decent wiring by the spool and will cut you whatever amount of wire you need. imo spend the most money on your rca cables, then worry about the rest. the speaker (mids/highs) wiring is important but 99% of people can't hear the difference between decent wiring and high quality wiring.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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