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i have something leaking on my se-r and i dont know where the hell its coming from it looks and smells like oil and also power steering fluid but if any of ya peeps know or had this problem please help me out and tell me what it is and how ya solved it:( thanks

got the drips

Clean around the valve cover gasket, head and block. Then clean the oil pan good. Let the car sit to see if the oil pan is leaking. The best de-greaser is easy-off or any oven cleaner. Make sure you cover the air intake, alternater, and major wire units. You may have a worn gasket on the motor. To much power steering fluid and it keeps over flowing.

Oil pan gasket there is none. you have to make it. There is a oil resistant scilicon labeled ( RTV ) Take the oil pan off with a ( 10mm ) * please drain oil first * clean the pan w/ de-greaser and clean off old gasket. It has to be a clean job. ( When the pan is down cover the that part just above the oil pan. ) Put ( RVT ) on oil pan and go around the screw holes. But when you are putting down the ( RTV ) it has to be one steady line don't break it. Let it dry for 3 min. Place oil pan on the car but don't press it, line one screw and then on the others put ( RTV ) in the holes and screw. Screw 1/2 way and do this to all. Then tighten like you put on your tire. You know you do opposites.

If you bottomed out you might have to get a new oil pan it may be worpped

Check the holes on the power steering may be split...
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