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alright.. out of pure need, i just bought an 88 Acura Legend. i don't mind how it looks, but it's still a freakin honda and extremely annoying. i'm putting this up on a couple Nissan forums cuz there's a crapload more ppl on here and a car is basically the same thing minus the Honda's way of designing a harness that could resemble a ball of yarn after your cat got a hold of it.
here's the issue. it's got a bad tranny mount. sometimes when i'm stopped at a light or when i first start off, it dies. no noise, just shudders and quickly dies.:mad:

now.. on the Trouble Shooting Chart for "Frequent Stalling after warming up" in the car's FSM you've got this:
a: Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
b: Throttle Angle Sensor
c: Crank Sensor

anyone out there with any addition ideas before i spend an entire weekend pulling these sensors to test them?

for some reason the damn ECU isn't presenting any codes. (given that this damn car is supposed to automatically give you codes when the "check engine" light is on.. you turn the key to on, and the ecu automatically blinks. right now, the damn ECU isn't showing any codes. but it's plainly obvious that a 216,000mi rough around the edges car that dies at a light should be showing a code.

any additional ideas before i set out on this project to test sensors?:eek:
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