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Some people?

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Man it's crazy how some pppl get all bitchy when you don't wanna race them,it's rediculus,to make it even more crazy the car wasn't even his,he was riding a bike.
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Rathi134 said:
you want to race an evo?

How about from a roll?
Yeah that guy,along with another guy in a 4door civic with a b18 swap.
Man i didn't know that....popped hood=do you wanna race me? lol!
Lol,that would take some madd skillz!
Dunno,we should try that next time.

I would prolly have missing carbon fiber if i popped trunk on them foos,ha ha.
Ha ha ha,he would just use that as an excuse to race me.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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