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I have been running a thread about an overheating problem I have been having with my 96 Sentra over the past several weeks. As I described in my various messages, I have done quite a bit to resolve the problem, but with no luck. I did a lot of things, starting with the most obvious.... bad fans, bad radiator, but none of them cleared the problem. The one area I didn't realize would make the difference that it did was a bad radiator cap! Two days ago I finally changed that out and walla!..... the overheating problem was gone. It was a difficult and time consuming lesson. However, the bright side of it all is that I am now a lot more familiar with this car. Taking the head off to change the head gasket was an adventure and a great lesson in the intricacies of timing chains and their relationships with the camshaft gears. That education alone may have made the job worth it (not really!).

Thanks for all of you who responded to my posts in helping resolve this problem.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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