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Today i sold my old car (to embarrassed to say what it was) and bought a 95 Sentra with 126k on it. It is a base model car and when i say base model i mean no power steering, no radio or speakers, not even a passenger side mirror. Oh yeah, its a 5spd :thumbup: . I absolutely love this thing. Its got good power and is fun as hell to drive. I plan on doing a few little cosmetic things first but i would like to do some minor performance things to enhance my new baby. I think im gonna get some different headlight bulbs and probably tint the windows as well as a cone filter for the intake. I like the AEM dryflow. I have also heard of replacing the motor mounts with some poly ones from energy suspension. Does anyone know where to get these and how much should i expect to pay?

It has an issue when im slowing down to come to a stop the motor starts surging and when i stop it runs fine. It runs fine when driving its just as your slowing down and have the clutch pushed in. Any ideas?

Im not looking to build some big powerhouse or anything. I want a car that is fun to drive in the corners as well as the straights.

Just give me some feed back and if you have any ideas then feel free to share

congrats on the sentra

as far as the headlights go if you have a stock 95 headlight scrap it and buy the crystal clears and youll love it even more as far as looks and lighting performance.

ES motor mounts iirc be ready to spend around 100 bucks or so for it max dont quote me it been a while since i looked at the pricings.

some suspension works such as hyperco's or ground control springs and agx shocks work great if you cant find them eibach pro kits are next best.

if you got more questions hit me up ill do what i can to help you out
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