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I have a 1993 pathfinder 5spd. 2wd that has been giving me fits lately. When I take off in first it bogs down and then slow takes off. While shifting into the 2 through 5 is perfect. The only way I know to describe the bogging is like trying to take off in 4th or 5th gear.

Here some things that may or may not help.

1. since i bought the suv about a year ago the it has had a sound coming for the rear when turned off. (sounds like the fuel pump.... and it make the sound even with the key after about 5 to 10 minutes later.)

2. It seems to have a newer sound coming from the intake .... maybe around the injectors.

3. It has 267,000 miles on it and shake very bad at about 55 to 60 mph

Thanks for any help in the matter,

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Since you've got a lot of miles on the car, here's some things to consider:
- Change spark plugs.
- Replace air filter.
- Replace fuel filter.
- Replace ignition wires.
- Replace distributor cap/rotor.

The sound near the intake may be a vacuum leak. Check for any cracks in the rubber connectors on the intake plenum.

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Try cleaning the air intake with throttle cleaner.

1. Fuel pump is not properly grounded? Corroded wires? (That's a guess.)

2. See above.

3. Wheel balance or front-end alignment.

Sounds like this baby needs a full mechanical and safety check. Go to a dealership, or an independent mechanic that _specializes_ in pathfinders.
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