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Here's a sidemarker wiring diagram for those who are interested in one or for those who wish to modify their existing wiring. :)

Sidemarker ON fulltime

With this setup, Sidemarkers stay on all the time and but still blink with the blinker lever whenever it is activated. Sidemarkers turn on with the activation of the parklights and blink alternately with the front corners.

Sidemarker OFF except when turning

The sidemarkers in this schematic diagram are wired to blink simultaneously with the front corners.Sidemarkers are not lit unless activated by either the hazard and turn lever.It doesnt go ON with the parklight.


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the first set i got from a performance shop, the second (different) set i got from another performance shop. The third one i got from the same place that i got the last ones from but this time i rewired so that they were only on when the blinker was on and since that time they have not burned out, melted or anything like that, still have em on the car.
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