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Hello again,

Just wondering if any company make side skirts for 99 Sentras.

I've been looking around bot all of them are huge, very low body kit type and what i'm looking for is something short/small, kind of like a lip for the sides.

All replies appreciated !

Thank you !

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jlee1469 said:
only available on 98 SE or 99 SE-L... you best luck is to check the classifieds all the time like i did :)
Anyone has a picture of them, i searched for a picture but all of them are off.

Thank You.

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So i went to Nissan today and they don't have ANY part for the SE-L...

They said that I have to look on the oem nissan websites for them.

I think that's b/s so if i could get the specific part numbers would be good, because the ones that were posted by "crazy101101" that says:

SE-L sideskirts part numbers


Sup!! I thought I would post these since I know they are popular around here.
here is the part #'s for the SE-L side skirts.

Front Left MudGuard Center
76853 OMOOO

rear Left MudGuard Center
76857 OMOOO

Front Right MudGuard Center
76852 OMOOO

Rear Right MudGuard Center
76856 OMOOO
I asked for them at nissan and they can't find them.

Anyone knows what am i doing wrong ? Maybe i really have to go to some website ?

Thanks in advance for all replies.
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