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Discussion Starter · #1 · retunring to this forum to ask if this car is worth buys for a project...not daily driver car.
Cars For Sale: Car Details -"]Here is the link on autotrader[/URL]

talked to the guy and he said he wont go lower then 1200 but i think i can get him to take 1000 for it.
i have not seen it in person but as much as i can tell the car was hit on the passenager side...the door was replaced and just needs painting. both the passenager front and rear fender will ned be replaced or knocked out(doubt it can be knocked out) front bumber replaced but the engine and inside looks clean and good. waiting on VIN # to get a carfax on it
it will be a long term project car...which i prefer changing the body with aftermarket custom anyways. IS IT WORTH $1000 or even 1200.
I've looks and i cant find any on ebay or other car sites for this amount unless they arent running...he says i runs good which i have to test drive and see for myself. should i save and hold out for a TT model?
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