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"Buyer beware" is the best thing I can tell you. Is it a good buy? If it's really cheap, maybe. If they know what it needs and have the harness and all that it needs is one injector and re-assembly, one must ask why they don't put back together before they sell it? A driver is worth a lot more than a car that is disassembled and can be driven. It's a 2+2, which many feel is less attractive (and less desirable) than the 2-seater. We don't know if the transmission is good nor if the heat and A/C works...or, anything else, for that matter. I can't see what the chassis looks like, which is important on these cars; you don't want to purchase a vehicle with a bent unibody nor one with major rust issues on the floors. There's some paint peeling issues on the nose, at least. I can't see what the interior looks like. It's really a judgement call on your part.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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