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Shocks and Springs Question

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Hello All,

I did a search and didn't come across any relevant information. My Situation is this:

I currently have Sprint Lowering Springs, 2 inches, riding on KYB GR2 Struts. There is maybe 10,000 miles on this setup.

I want to get a better, more comforatable ride, so I've decided to get H&R Stage 2 Sport Springs (1.5inch front, 1.4inch rear Drop). However, I would like to keep the KYB GR2 Struts.

The question is whether or not the struts can be used again since I am raising the car back up by about .5 inches than what it was used to. Can I reuse these struts if there is currently no problems with them? Thank you all for your anticipated responses. :)
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yes, you can reuse them...
are you sure you want to go up. CHECK AND SEE IF YOUR bump stops are cut. If they are not than thats why your ride is so bounce.
Nothing is cut on my suspension. The ride is too harsh right now. I've been meaning to go back up for a while but was low on fundage.

Half and inch rise would be noticeable in ride quality, right?
This what you have to do. Jack your car up so you can see into the springs. The is a rubber sleve inside the spring. If you didn't cut that when you lowered the car the car is going to ride like shit. All you really need in there is one or two of the pieces of the bump stop. I would check this out before spending more money to raise the car when you can fix the problem.
If my car was lowered two inches, how much of the bump stop needs to be cut off? Do I need to cut the front and rear bump stops the same amount?

If I cut the bump stops for the 2 inch drop, and I decide to go the the 1.5 inch later, do I need to replace the bump stops when I go to the 1.5 inch drop?

Are there negative consequences of cutting the bump stops?

Sorry for the many questions, just wanted to make sure I do this right when I go into the shop. Thank you so far for all the help.

The only thing the bump stop does is not let the strut bottomout. So if you leave alittle piece of the the rubber bump stop in there it will keep the strut from bottoming out. And buy cutting the bump stop smaller you have morew strut travel. Which will give you a much smoother ride
Check with the strut seller...

Check with the seller of those struts and see if they can handle those springs.

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