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I found this link while searching the web. I thought it would interest some of you which are looking for low cost accessory alternatives. Here are the products they offer for the X-Trail:

Front Bar Code No: NXF-001:

Side Step Bar Code No: NXS-102:

Spoiler with Paint Code No: NXT-304:

Sun Visor Code No: NXT-301:

Front Sump Guard Code No: NXF-002:

Rear Sump Guard Code No: NXR-201:

Side Step Aluminium Code No: NXS-105:

Side Step Bar (Oval-Shaped) Code No: NXS-104:

Front Bar 3' inch Code No: NXF-003

Door Visor Code No: NXS-101:

Cargo Tray Code No: NXT-309:

Body Lining Code No: NXS-103:

Brake/Clutch Pedal Locking Device Code No: NXT-303:

Chrome Cover (Import) Code No: NXS-107:

Enquiries can be made at Tel:603-62779082/62776002; Fax:60362758749; Email:[email protected]

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Same observation

I was in touch with this company a while ago and they do carry great items.. it's just the cost to ship, makes the pricing not worth it.
Yes Stephen, same here when I approached this company for pricing and shipping cost to Sydney.

By the way, MAXDAX is sourcing their stuff from these guys (i think) and I was give a wholesale price list from Shamsul (which is not much less than MAXDAX's current pricing anyway)
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