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Shaking when braking

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Hey everyone, first time poster. I've looked all over the web and I'm hoping you guys can help me here.

I've got a 98 GXE with new front brakes and recently balanced tires, When I apply the pedal going anywhere from 40-80 the car shakes a whole lot, it gets less with lower speeds, It feels like it's the front brakes but everything up there is brand new, any suggestions on what else could cause this? The bearings aren't that old. (4 months). I've been told by a few people it could be a tie rod.
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If your rotors are new.... and you haven't had too perform a panic stop from 75+ mph since the new rotors were installed. Then I would look at the front wheel bearings, lower control arm bushings , etc to ensure there isn't something else worn causing this vibration. If you have a dail indicator then it'll also be wise to check those rotor for run out/warpage!
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