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Hello High Explosive,
I have a 2005 SVE diesel and my satnav screen will show service reminder type information. If yours is the same as mine, then you need to press the "INFO" button. This will then show you your drive information, ie elapsed time, distance and average speed. Press the "INFO" button again to get to the maintenance information screen. Here you can set (or re-set) up to three reminders to come up on the screen at whatever mileages you wish. Useful for reminding you when the next service is required.

However, note that these reminders are set by you, the user, and may not have been set by the previous user for any particular purpose. To see if you are due a service, ignore the satnav and look at the odometer to see how many miles are indicated and compare that with your service book. If you do not want these reminders to pop up on the satnav screen, select each reminder in turn and select the "Reminder Information Display" option to turn on/off each reminder.

Full details are (should be) in the satnav handbook.

Have fun
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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