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Serpatine belt power steering pump issues

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My son recently purchased 2010 Nissan maxima 3.5. He is disabled and this his only ride which was recently purchased. From the day he got it it broke down. He made it 7 miles from car lot the 1st time. I've had 3 people try to fix it and no one can figure it out. He's had the car 2 months and went thru 11 serpatine belts and 3 power steering pumps. Im being told it's snapping the shaft off the pump? There's been pulleys replaced, belts and pumps yet it's broke again. I know nothing about cars I just know he needs a ride to get to his Dr apts. And he spent everything to buy this car so I must figure the problem out. I do know the car has a salvaged title and was totalled 4 years ago. Something we wasn't aware of until the title came. Any help would be beyond appreciated as I have no ideal what to do. I can't keep buying pumps that only last few weeks or belts every other day. Please help
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Since the car has a salvage title, it could have been involved in a front collision; resulting in a bent bracket where the power steering pump mounts. Do a visual inspection looking at the alignment of the belt in relation to the grooves on all the pulleys. If there is misalignment, it'll create undue stress eventually breaking the power steering shaft.
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