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SER Vspec (manual trans) question

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So i'm reading and reading about the 2005 sentra ser vspec. . . and all i hear is crap. . . but that's not stopping me from buying it. . . or should it ?

I hear the six manual trans has problems with it. . . like ' the shifter needs a map for itself ' etc. . . are there really problems with the six speed transmissions?

so that is basically the only concerns i have about it. . .

but also. . . the acceleration of a 2700 lb car with 175 hp concerns me too. . . 0---->60mph * 7.3secs? is this what i'm buying? cuz if so. . .performance mods may be in it's future !

what's your thoughts about the Spectra SER-Vspec ? :fluffy:
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Try posting in the B15 section. You are in the SR20 Engine forum.
yea as around in b15 they will probebly tell u some quick mods for hp gains, personally i dislike the engine itself though the car is sweet i think it should have kept the sr20 and just made it factory det i would have bought one then
if all you hear is crap, but you still want to buy one, seems to me you're not listening to reason and just hearing what you want.

Seriously, a car with a warranty is good and nice, but WHO really wants to HAVE to take advantage of the warranty? You buy a new car in hopes that it will be reliable and problem free. The warranty should be nothing more than mental re-assurance.

I'd say there are better options out there, especially since the Sentra body style is going to be completely changed in 06, therefore drastically reducing the value of the car less than a year after you buy it.

Keep your head in the logical side of things and try not to lean to what you want because "it's cool" or "it has 175hp"
Their dyno numbers are higher than previous models, the engine seems to be running strong and no problems of previous generations seem to be occuring. The 05 has had stock dynos around 155 WHP which isnt bad. As mentioned the new redesigned model is comming so I'de imagine you could cut a nice deal. I havent driven an 05, but I have driven an 04 and I have no complaints. I have no problem with the shifter but a lot of guys get a SS kit. The car likes bolt ons but dont expect a world of power from bolt ons (their not real mods ;)). My bottom advice, go drive it and any other car you like and make the call for yourself. Magazines are biased as can be and obviously personal preference varies.
Psch91 said:
:eek: :eek: :eek: now that is mind baffeling!?
so put a gun to my head. . . i'm new and i didn't know if this one got cut or not because it's in the wrong section. . . so i put one in the right section. . .
thanks for the advice though. . . cuz as you can see, it's different than the others.
dont buy the spec if you expect it to be a rocket. it is a all around fun car to drive. the problem with its 0-60 times is that it is hard to get a good launch out of the spec due to high tq. if all you want is a drag car then go buy the srt-4. i havent had any problems out of my spec with the tranny. it was a little on the clunky side when i first got it but after it got broke in in feels alot better. good luck with your car buying
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