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Hi Everyone,

September is quickly approaching and with that the Boston SE-R meet is upon us. This year the location will not be as near Boston though, and we have invited all Nissans to come. The location is going to be closer to the Providence, RI area so those of you coming from the South don't have to drive as far. Also you won't have to worry about having to navigate Boston.

The hotel setup for the meet is in Seekonk,MA which is just over the RI border but within a 10 min drive of Providence.

The meet will be held Sept. 13th-15th.

The schedule of events are as follows.

Friday afternoon/evening people who are staying at the hotel can check in and get settled. Once evening comes around it appears most people have arrived we will head over to Providence to have dinner and hang out.

Saturday we will be going to a dyno event and BBQ. The dyno is being held at New England Dyno up in Worcester,MA. About a 45min/1 hour drive from the hotel. For those of you wishing to dyno, head over to and use the signup page to sign up for dyno time. I'm not sure if there are still
spots left, but I will follow up with that within the next week. The cost is $65 which will include the dyno runs and bbq. As for those of you not dyno'ing I am not sure of the cost of just the bbq. Details about that will follow along with the number of dyno spots left. Once we are done dyno'ing and eating we can head back to the hotel to rest. Then that evening we will go out to eat again, most likely in Providence again.

Sunday the plan is to play indoor paintball. Though we have yet to see the interest in this. If you would like to play below I will be providing links to threads on the New England Nissan Owners Club forum in order to track who is coming to this event.

If you have any questions/concerns about this event that are not answered in this email or the threads I have provided please feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer your question(s).

Here is the General link to the event...

Here is the link to the headcount for the event...

Here is the link to the hotel info...

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all in September.

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