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Sentra sr20de

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alright here is my plan i have a 05 1.8 base sentra. i found a sr20de engine that i want to put in it... now my first question is what all would i need for the swap and would a mechanic be able to do it with no problem? my second question if it can be done once the engine is in how would i go about putting a turbo in it?... i have the turbo already but its just the turbo nothing else

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I suspect this is the same as swapping a GA16 to SR20 in a B14.
You need much more than just the engine in a B14, transmission, ECU harness, axles, mounts,
Search i am sure you can find out for sure.
It's probably cheaper to buy an 2000-2001 SE that already comes with a SR20DE.
or get a scrap vehicle with all the parts to swap ?
it would be alot easier to go buy a sentra with a sr20. I got my 2001 for $4000.00 But it has alot of miles on it... it would be alot cheaper to get the car and then buy a complete turbo kit... you can find alot of them on ebay just do a search for "SR20DE turbo kit" but then you need the special intake manifold and downpipe.
here is an example
eBay Motors: T3/T4 START TURBO KIT CIVIC CRX 200SX SENTRA 300ZX MR-2 (item 250327459209 end time Nov-27-08 13:17:29 PST)

I dont know how good this kit is. I am still learning about them myself.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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