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I don't see why people even post these threads. Honestly! I mean, why don't you just race and find out already?!?THEN tell us how everything works out. I don't mean to pick on you individually SeSoonSe-R, because there are way too many of threads just like this one, so please don't think i'm reaming you. I'm just expressing/venting some of my thoughts as to why these threads happen. I mean, did you want us to back you up with verbal hype? Did you want us all to come out and watch you race? Does anyone even care in the first place about these type of threads? I mean, if this thread, and the many like them were asking about specs of the certain vehicle that they are "planning" on racing in a controlled environment (*hopefully), that would be alot different. But it seems like people just want some motivation because their self confidence in their driving abilities, and/or confidence in their car isn't exactly up to par. I just don't get why these threads happen... Someone please enlighten me...!
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