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I have a "Sentra GXE 1997" that sometimes turns off while driving.
Before this happened the car has been replaced with new parts because of a overheating and leak problem. (which the leak problem still continues.)

Part's Installed
AutoZone Duralast "Water Pump" - Part Number: AWP-862 (Gasket & Sealant)
AutoZone "Thermostat" - (Gasket & Sealant)

After this the overheating problem stopped but still a leak which i believe is Coolant is still there.

Now about the car turning off. Basically I was driving the car and suddenly the car's power just dies (knowing ahead of time because of the radio not making music.) when the car turns off the wheel becomes hard to move and brakes and everything becomes hard to use. (Thankfully Brakes work) After this the car will not turn back on after a while when I put the key back in to turn to start there isn't any power to the car it just does nothing.


The alarm currently doesn't work right now since when the power comes back on in the car the alarm would go off and when I try using my alarm key it doesn't turn the alarm off I would have to get in the car with the key and turn the key on & off until the alarm turns off and disable.


(Note:This Has Happened Before But The Alarm Started to Work On It's Own, That was because my brother left the lights on in the car which resulted in completely died battery needed to be charged up. when putting the battery back the alarm will go off but I couldn't turn it off.)

One more thing I had new Brake Pads installed a while ago and a new caliper because the left side was smoking. (it was some leakage on the tire's that made the white smoke) but after that it hasn't done it again but I still do smell a brake smell on the front one's.

Well That's all of my problem's...

1.Coolant Leak
2.Brake Smell's after new Brake Pads been installed after a while.
3.Car turns off sometimes.

Thank You For Reading!

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You have no power so the car will stop.
get the battery and Alternator checked.
You dont say how you get it running again.
Brakes can smell, get someone to check them for you, leaks etc.
coolant leak, park it, then work back from the leak site. Could be the new pump or just a hose and or clamp
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