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Hello ALL helpful people,

1)I bought my car 7 months back from a dealer.It was 79K then. I bought it for 4K, is this price OK or I paid more ??

2) Whenever I press the brakes , I get sound from the rear.Sound is like as if some one stopping forcefully. I went to precision tune in durham and he checked and could not tell me exactly why the sound is there.He was telling I should change the rotar then it MAY go, he was not sure. So to which shop should I go for brakes service (Cheap and good) ?

3) If I sell me car, how much will I get(Since I will be moving in few months) ? When is the right time to sell a car

4)What should I check for before going on long drive so that nothing wrong happens on the way.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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