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Sentra 1.8s starting issues.

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Car will turn over every time, however it sometimes takes a few turns to get it started. This usually happens when I'm at work getting ready to leave. It's usually a little colder than in the morning when I leave. Can someone help me out here??

btw it's a 2004. Just purchased it last week with 68,840 miles on it. Runs great, except for the starting issue.
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lasvagaslvr have you tried ebay????? if its an si i dont think the dealership is going to give you one because of the price they have to pay or somthing like that i had a buddy that had the similer problem but his was a honda and he had to go through ebay cuz the company wasnt going to pay all the money for the new one stupid if you ask me but its worth a shot
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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