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Sentra 1.8s starting issues.

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Car will turn over every time, however it sometimes takes a few turns to get it started. This usually happens when I'm at work getting ready to leave. It's usually a little colder than in the morning when I leave. Can someone help me out here??

btw it's a 2004. Just purchased it last week with 68,840 miles on it. Runs great, except for the starting issue.
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I work at a nissan dealership and I've seen this before. There is actually a TSB on this (if you're getting a hard start/long cranking). The fuel pump on the sentras are weak and doesnt supply enough fuel pressure so replacing the fuel pump motor with the updated one will fix the problem.
Hi Rock Nissan...
Have you know the faulty fuel pump to cause the service engine light to go on for multiple cylindar failures. Once started and running. my sentra runs fine, but I haven't had a confident diagnosis of what is causing the service light code.
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