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Sentra 1.8s starting issues.

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Car will turn over every time, however it sometimes takes a few turns to get it started. This usually happens when I'm at work getting ready to leave. It's usually a little colder than in the morning when I leave. Can someone help me out here??

btw it's a 2004. Just purchased it last week with 68,840 miles on it. Runs great, except for the starting issue.
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I work at a nissan dealership and I've seen this before. There is actually a TSB on this (if you're getting a hard start/long cranking). The fuel pump on the sentras are weak and doesnt supply enough fuel pressure so replacing the fuel pump motor with the updated one will fix the problem.
Hi RockNissan......I own a 2006 Sentra Special Edition and had the very same problems as the others here with the hard starts. They replaced my fuel pump. I've asked a lot of people and everyone tells me this should not be happening to a car that is only 2 yrs old. What is your thoughts on that? I have a question to ask anyone on here who has a picture of the automatic shifter which illuminates orange on the 2006 Nissan Sentra S. I am being told that the only replacement part is the one that is clear and not orange. I was told to get a pic showing the orange glow so the dealer can send it to the engineers at Nissan? Much thanks......L :newbie:
^^^Your shifter lights aren't on, is that your complaint?
If that's the case, it's only a regular clear 194 bulb. These bulbs usually go out on the Sentras like yours.
I'm sorry. What I mean is the dealer replaced my indicator assembly because they scratched it last time I had it in there.The part# was 96940-4Z000. It does not look orange anymore and I have been complaining about getting it back to the right one. They have contacted Nissan directly and they tell me that there is no other part#. That's it. So I know what you were saying about the bulb because it was out once before and that's all they did was replace the bulb. This time it's different because the assembly needed replaced and that is the only one they carry. The service manager wants a pic to prove that I am not lying. It's very frustrating but I won't get into all that. Thanks for the help. L
2006 Sentra Special Edition

ka24et.....thanks for the advice but I traded the Nissan in for a Toyota. I was sick and tired of the way the dealership was treating me. Now it's not my problem anymore. :woowoo: Thanks again!!!! L
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