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Back to the subject...everything said is true, stick w/ less dramatic mods like intake, headers, and exhaust and you should be fine. Addtionally, most well known and respected manufacturers of aftermarket parts will warranty their parts and if the totally f*ck up your car they will most likely cover it (this is why you avoid Kmart brand crap on eBay...). Whatever you do, avoid late night infomercials and $6 20+ hp eBay crap. They are nothing but scams and (most likely) you can do the mod. for free. For example, there is a 'kit' for sale on eBay to adjust your timing. Yes, adjusting your timing increases performance, but do a search on any auto message board and you will find advice and instructions for FREE.

Anyhow, I'm getting off subject, unless you are running No2, swapping engines, or sticking a Batmobile jet engine on your car, you should be fine.
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