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imanewb :D

hello im new here


i own a honda civic but i really want... something small... something sporty... something red... I wanna feel the power between my legs! err beneath my feet or something like that! :eek::eek:

anyway i live in sun diego so i can't really help you XD (not that i have anything against florida :))

I googled coralsprings nissan. hehe they have 2 bad reviews which may be kinda old and 1 positive one, which seems highly suspicious!! at any rate I don't read too much into online reviews. At the very least you could just drive down to the dealership with no intention of buying just to get a feel for the sales people. If they seem anxious to offload one of their 'new' 2007s on you than they might not be doing to well. but then again in these times who isn't hehe

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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