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I find that I have no problem with the driver seat belt; however, I do find a problem with the passenger seat belts (front and back). I hear the same problems from my passengers as well.

For example, every 5 minutes a family member of mine has to unbuckle to release the the continuous tension onto their shoulders and waste. This happens with the back seat seat belts as well.

Is this a common occurrence or a deficiency with the mechanism? What are after market products to prevent this tightening? I thought the intension was to lock in the seat belt when the brakes are applied and not when tightening continuously.


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The problem may be with the seat belt pre-tensioners (which have load limiters).

I've not had any problems on the passenger side, but my driver's side front is acting up a bit lately....

It may be something that the dealer should have a look at....after all, it is a "safety" feature.
I came back from the dealership and they advised me that is way the seat belts are designed to do for the passengers.
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