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Just so you know, the NTSB has declared that child car seats should not be placed in the front seat. In fact, they are to be placed in the rear seat position and facing the rear. So, there is no need for a child restraint in the front seat. Oh yes, no child should be placed in the front seat who is under 13 years of age or is a specific height and/or weight. We will be going to the dealer to discuss a fix for this problem. We recently drove to Nebraska and back for my 50th reunion. I guess I should not include me as a driver. My wife drove the whole way as the passenger seatbelt locked up on her as soon as she buckled it and would not let go. She got a feeling of claustrophobia and could not ride in the passenger seat as a result. So, she drove all 4200 miles. We bought the car feeling it would fill our purposes and without trouble. The driver's seatbelt locks in a hard break situation and then releases. The front passenger seatbelt should be the same.
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