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Seat Belt Issue... Safety concern!

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Just saw that there are 2 posts that repeat the same issues as this one... and Nissan will not do anything about this... very disappointed in Nissan.

Hi folks,

My first post and humbly apologize in advance if this has been posted already but I couldnt find using the search...

As the title states - Seat Belt Issue is what I needed to ask you folks about. Specifically the seat belt on my Canadian X-Trail Bonavista on the passenger side locks up for no reason when someone is buckled up.

To be clearer - passenger is sitting in front seat, car is driving at any speed, driver does NOT touch the brakes whatsoever, passenger seat belt locks up.

The only way to retract the seat belt back to "normal" operation is to unlock it, let it retract all the way and buckle up again.

Took it to a local dealership here (Airport Nissan, Brampton ON, Canada) and they state it's a KNOWN ISSUE since the 2005 models.:wtf:

A customer service rep called me and asked me how my visit went for this issue and I told them Airport Nissan told me it's a known issue and they cant do anything as there is no official recall on the belt...

This is complete BS I think. Any suggestions on next steps. This is a totally annoying issue and I'm wondering if any of your passengers deal with this nonsense.


'06 X-Trail BonaVista
'08 Lexus IS-F
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Totally agree with your use cases Aussietrail... and indeed I have tried and made sure that the cases you've stated. This is definitely a unique situation, or actually should I say a potential unique situation to the X-trail in Canadian X-Trails it seems.

My previous Nissan's (Maxima and Pathfinder) were not like this at all. They behaved normally. The x-trail is actually my wifes car and she everytime i'm a passenger, I noticed the seat belt function this oddly...
Dealership service manager called (from Airport Nissan) and stated that customer service escalated to him.

He completely agrees this is incorrect behaviour after I showd him in person, but states they can't do anything about it... :lame:

Time to write a letter to Nissan Canada... or maybe i'll contact the belt manufacturer directly???
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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