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Prophecy said:
Is it possible to put an SE-R Spec V Engine in my 95 200sx?? I just wanna try somethin new and crazy. If so, what will i need for tha swap and what will be the prices for this? Ive tried to search.. found nothin except for swaping for the SR20 engines. O YEA! and if possible.. where could i find the engine? Cause i couldnt find on on-line.. maybe i havent looked hard enough.. thanks..
Your going to need more than just the engine! Try a whole front clip, A year working on your car, Miles and miles of wireing!!!
Check these links out to see what I have had to do!!

Unlees you can weld, wire, and fab, I would not recomend this swap for the day today tunner!!! This was way over my head>>>
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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