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Does anyone know what the 2002 Nissan Sentra Se-R Spec V with the audio fanatic/sunroof package is leasing for/ or what a fair lease price is??

Asuuming: Zero down, 15,000 miles a year, 48mo lease.

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Let me make a guess here.
Including everything, if u r buying one, you would pay ~$21000 for a SpecV ( I am incl. taxes, regn., interest, etc.)

Let me guess that the SpecV will be worth $8000 in 4 years (1998 200SX, SE-R blue book trade-in value is ~$6500)

Subtract $8000 from $21000 = $13000

If you defray the cost over 48 mo., that comes up to $270.83/mo

So, I would say, anywhere between $250 and $300/mo

I have absolutely no idea if that is a good rate. But, If I were to lease a SpecV, that is where I would start.

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