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I am inviting all Utah Nissan performance car owners for 7/28's SCCA Solo 2 event. If you are interested, please check in. SCCA Utah reagion has not announced the race location yet, but it will be at Utah State Fair park or University of Utah Rice Eccles Stadium. I will post the update when farther information is available.

Cost for this event is $25, if you are the SCCA member, it will be $15.

For more detail about AutoXing, check

I hope this will be a nice event!!

Thanx for the invitation. I'll check my dates and see if i can make it out there. MIght not race, but just to meet some of the other Nissan guys out there.

On another note, did the saturday drive that was supposed to take place 2 weeks ago? last week? i can't remember, well did it work out? Where did you guys drive too?
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