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96 Sentra won't start

My 1996 Sentra won't start and I need some help to solve the problem. My car is stuck in PA and I'm down here in NYC. My brother borrowed it this weekend to go to PA. It drove up there fine but after leaving it 2 days in the cold it wouldn't start. I suspect its the starter more than anything else. I had starter problems with a 91 Toyota Camry a couple of years ago.... this is what I did with a mechanic friend until I had the cash to replace the starter.

With the key in the ON position, I connected one end of a wire to the starter(the plug going into the starter) and the other to the positive of the battery. The car would start then I would just remove the jumped connection between the starter and battery. I did this for about 2 weeks until it got warm enough to try to change the starter.

Can I use this same technique to test my starter with my Sentra? Is the fuel pump located in the gas tank? Could my fuel lines be frozen or the fuel filter clogged? How do I test for fuel related problems. Any help would be deeply appreciated because it will be cold in the woods of PA this weekend.

Thanks in Advance
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