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i should be reciving the first batch of boards in the next comming days, and will have them constructed and tested by the weekend.

i've also found someone that has ALL the base map files for every nissan car, so i shall be able to do every s13 atm:

sr20de (r)ps13
sr20det (r)ps13
sr20det rnn14/u13 gtir

Basicaly, i'll be selling that constructed, with two base maps, one stock standard map in position 1, and a speed limit / rev limit removed 2nd map.

I also have a jap semitunned map for the gtir pulsar, a 550cc inj + z32 afm sr20det map, a 386cc (turbo inj) +z32 afm sr20de (with turbo bolted on) map. please ask me specificaly for these maps. the 550cc + z32 map i'm not 100% on. The sr20de + turbo map requires some dyno time to get accurate fuel maps, but the gtir maps run damn fine!

please email me confirming that you want a board,
[email protected]?subject=[SRboard]

state your name and how many boards you would like, and with what maps, and i'll add you to my database of orders to be processed.. arangements for payments can be settled via email once i give you an order number

I'll accept Paypal, cash moni, direct deposite, cod at your expense

Final cost is going to be


shipping is your cost and decision.. they'll fit in a std airmail bag fine.

$5usd international mail

if you can organise a bulk purchase between friends even better! I'll give those who can get 5+ boards in one go a discount.. email me..

i'll get some infomation up soon, but i think Chad is currently making a WWW about sr tunning.. so there may be no need, but i'll try and help him out with some resources... he'll be selling eprom burner kits i think *shrugs*
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