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Text me (number is at the bottom) or email me at [email protected] for pictures
Just clearing out my garage. Wont ship most things pick up only on most. Text or PM to find out.
S13 Parts:
2 S13 Driverside Door Shells (no mirrors, or internals or windows) one is in bad shape the other is in good shape
good one $25
banged up one $10

2 S13 Passengerside Door Shells (no mirrors, internals, or windows) both good
$25 appiece

2 S13 Passengerside Fenders both in good shape
$20 appiece

S13 Power Sunroof with switches and wiring

S13 Manual Driveshaft

S13 Automatic Shifter

S13 Random Interior Parts
$5 for all of em

S13 Rear End minus differential, swaybar, and driverside lower control arm

S13 Hatch Tail lights (no center garnish)

S13 Coupe Tail Lights (one side has crack in it)

S13 Stock Fan

S13 Passenger Seat

S13 Stock Hood

Other Parts:
Aftermarket Seat

17inch 5zigen 5zr bolt pattern 5x114.3 (pair of 2)

or will sell it all picked up for $400 (all the parts seprate are $545 so youd save $145 and could sell the rest of the parts you dont need)

(605) 209 4718 try calling if you dont reach me leave me a text or PM me

Will Trade Everything for clean silvia fenders, just need to get rid of the parts and i need the fenders to compleate my Sil-Eighty
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