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I'm pretty drunk, so please forgive any terrible ideas. I know this forum is full of turbo info and I have run a few searches.

I have a '93 Sentra auto that I had originally planned a turbo 5 speed swap for, but I let some minor rust turn into major rust, and now its just a beater. Anyway, my buddy has a blown up '86 Subaru XT turbo. He wants to see me put his turbo on the Sentra as a joke, which I'm willing to go along with, as long as its cheap and fairly reliable. Either way, I do plan to buy a 5 speed for a future turbo build, so anything I learn/buy should be useful in the future.

From what I've gathered from searches, the stock fuel system is good to 2-3 psi and the MAF to 5. Has anyone tried a boost-referenced fuel pressure increase to run roughly 5 psi on a stock setup? I'd assume the pump can't handle much past a stock setup, but I need a 255lph or larger for my Z31 300zx V8 swap soon, so I could run the stock z pump for a while. I know the auto tranny can't take much, but I have yet to see any real numbers.

Any input is appreciated. Whether I'm still interested sober is up in the air, but either way, it should be entertaining. Thanks.

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the stock pump can handle 6 psi fine.

as for using that subaru turbo, its either a VJ or VF turbo. you'll have to custom make the turbo manifold for it.

you could just get the basic turbo kit from TSI. its only $1500, and has just about everything. you could take the maf, injectors and ECU from an auto SE-R or NX2000, have the ecu sent to JWT for a GA16DE+T tune for $600.
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