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They lower the car .6 of an inch, 345 Lbs/in (front) | 417 Lbs/in (rear) vs. Stock 310lbs/in (Front) and 350 lbs/in (Rear). I went with these for two reasons, the small amount of drop, and the reduced weight. The OEMs are 30-40% heavier. The Ti2000s are 22lbs shipping weight inlcuding the box. I didn't get a chance to put them on the scale the difference is noticable when
driving, and its huge when you have the OEMs in your hand.

More info here

Ride is actaully smoother, as it seemes to absorb bumps better, lese jittery, and feels much more planted. The famous "bounce" is all but gone, although I didn't know what to call it when it was stock, after the springs you notice it immediately.

With my Hotchkis sway bars set at full firm, its a "real" sports car feel now. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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