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so this problem had been around shortly after i seafoamed the truck, which i now am somewhat regretting just because of the hassle

atfirst i thought it might have been some still in the gas tank but 3 tanks later and it still happens
now it doesnt always idle rough and it is not predictable as to when it will or atleast no patters are emerging

i have done 2 oil changes and replaced the fuel filter
also cleaned the O2 sensor

i want to try cleaning the O2 sensor again but my dad doesnt want me too because when we took it out the first time the threads on it got kinda buggerd,

i really have no idea what it could bee, ive tried to do some searching and maybe the TPS? but i dont see how the seafoam would have messed that up unless its a freak coincidence?
please help i really need to get this fixed soon

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if you did not know what a knock sensor was ..

i do not know if you can do it urself.

to replace the knock sensor alone 3 to 5 hundred ..

but they are going to try to sell you everything because that is what they do..

a t-belt job plus knock sensor, a grand easily..

if you do the job yourself prollie a couple of hundred as long as u do not run into trouble..

try a tune up first ..
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