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Rough high idle

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1rst question
Cam shaft position censor, where's it located on the 3.5v6 fwd/awd/07 model??
2nd question..
There's 2 silniods on the vvt system?? Where is that located?? I know there's 2 of them
I had this rough high idle only when coming to a complete stop and I had to quickly park it...and still ran rough...
I made it home safe and ran one of those obd2 hand helds ..
And this is what is came up with
P0021 and an iso 9141...
Is this an expensive fix or cheap fix??


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About half the time P0011/P0021's turn out to be an oil problem, and they're almost never from a bad sensor. The sensors are on the backs of the cylinder heads (driver's side), the IVT Solenoids are on the front (passenger side). Both are fairly easy to get at for Bank2 (the front bank, where your problem is) and PITA's to get at on the back bank. Since it's running badly, before throwing parts at it, you should scan the cam angles at idle. They should both read around zero. If bank2 is running 3 degrees or more plus or minus then you probably have a jumped cam chain and not an IVT issue.
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