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Rogue Transmission fluid change

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Please tell me in detail how to replace transmission fluid on a 2015 Rogue. Can Valvoline fluid be used instead of NS3? My car had 103,000 mi, had not previously had a transmission fluid change and the transmission had no problems. I brought the car to Valvoline shop to change the oil and transmission fluid. Valvoline did not warn me that the change of fluid could cause a transmission failure as the fluid was old. Valvoline changed my oil and transmission fluid in 30 minutes right after I arrived at the shop without waiting for the tranny to cool down. I was in the car the entire time. I was charged for 20 pints of fluid. The transmission failed after 200 miles. What do you think happened? an the tranny fluid be safely changed in 20 minutes while I was in the car?
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