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Wassup y'all?! I'm at the U of Rochester and in dire need of some help. If any of you guys live in this area, or Buffalo, that'd be great! I need a garage to work in to some basic things. I've been doing some basic stuff out in the parking lot, but it's uncomfortable, and it's supposed to start snowing this weekend. I'm a fantastic guest! :) Nah, but if anyone wants to help me out on weekend projects and chill, that'd be fantastic. I gotta do brake lines this weekend in 40 degree weather. SHOOT!

I'm also about to start on power windows and clutch, too. So anyone?... hahaha...

aite guys


What's up,

I go to the U of R as well and live near by. I live right down in the twelve corners area. I have a two bay garage if you need a place to work but I would want to meet you first and get a perspective on ya.

My e-mail is available through this thing.

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