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Hey, would someone get that please?!

Anyway, update on 4sphed (for those who don't know, she's been down for several months) ... The EMS is installed. Actually, it's been installed for over a month; but during this time we realized oil was working it's way into the combustion chambers. This was a result of leaky valve seals that were distorted by the big cams I am running. To remedy this, the head went to the machine shop; seems the custom spring seats that I had made are going to do the job just fine. My ex-biz partner and I have also brainstormed a little regarding Cometic's HP headgasket and determined that we are going to finally o-ring the block instead and go back to the OEM KA24DE gasket. I've been through 3 Cometics (1 HP) with lackluster results. We are going to accomplish this without removing the bottom end. I'll keep you all posted, that is if you're at all interested. :rolleyes:

Moderators, I really had no idea where to put this post, so I hope this is the right section. :D
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