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d6rk said:
Just curious about how hard and costly it would be to convert an automatic 89 240 into a rhd 5 spd with an sr20. Is this a common conversion with parts easily available or a frustrating quest for parts?

Thanks guys. All the previous answers I've received have been very helpful.
The front sr20det clip should come with alot of what you need to convert to RHD, but there is alot more to that.

Wipers, door switches, etc also need to be changed. There will also be alot of wiring up to do.

I would also reccomend doing an automatic to manual seatbelt swap since rhd silvia/180sx's have manual seatbelts and the RHD's were not desinged for auto seatbelts. It probley wouldnt make much of a difference but manual seatbelts are safer and more comfortable. Just my recommendation :)

This is all I can tell you about a RHD conversion. Someone else should give you more info soon.

It is feasible, but not easy or cheap

good luck! :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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